EPISODE 3:  An Interview with Robert Hastings, President of Hastings Investigations & Consulting and Chairman of the Southeast Transportation Security Council (SETSC), and John Cannon, Special Agent in Charge of the Georgia Bureau of Investigations (GBI) Major Theft Unit. Host, George Wheeler, Director of Operations at ShadowTrack 24/7.

OVERVIEW:  Both Bob and John conduct cargo theft investigations, but this is a great conversation because John speaks from the Law Enforcement perspective and Bob works very close with John but works directly with the Insurance and Trucking industries. During this video you will learn:

  • How your organization can assist a cargo theft investigation
  • components to an effective cargo theft investigation
  • The biggest challenges that investigators have when investing cargo theft
  • How cargo thieves are adapting to the security measures that companies are using in their cargo in-transit
  • Case studies from cargo theft investigations
  • And much more ...

Bob and John provide valuable and practical information that you can use to help your organization raise awareness to cargo theft and what steps to take to prevent cargo theft from happening in your supply chain.  Big takeaways from this discussion: 

  1. What has made cargo theft investigations successful today is the level of information that is being shared between law enforcement, insurance and corporate industries.
  2. "Know your cargo thieves," a great part of the discussion that most people would never think of.