Loss Prevention Covert Tracking

Pinpoint the location & status of assets

Accurate location tracking and monitoring solutions are essential to protect valuable shipments, reduce theft or loss, and ensure the safety of individuals. Gain supply chain visibility and prevent leakage with innovative and cost-effective covert GPS tracking.

Affordable and effective tracking solutions from ShadowTrack 24/7 allow you to track, locate and monitor goods as they move through your supply chain. Use ShadowTrack 24/7’s cost-effective GPS tracking devices that can be placed covertly in shipments to report the location and condition of your valued assets. The cost of tracking with ShadowTrack 24/7’s solutions provides a positive return when supply chains are secured from loss or theft.

Sting Operation: Trackers embedded in retail goods shipments with high pilferage rates are used to identify the area of the supply chain that has been compromised.

Gray Market: Trackers embedded in partner shipments is useful in identifying a partner diverting a shipment to the gray market. Brand Management is the essential goal in confirming a contractual obligation by partners - ST247 has been proven time and time again, using GPS trackers, that loads are ending up in the Gray Market. Contact us today to learn more about Diversions & the Gray Market.

Virtual Warehouse: Warehouse space is expensive. ST247 uses GPS trackers to create a virtual warehouse at a dock when shipping overseas. Our tracking platform provides the reporting to effectively chart the date of a arrival of a container allowing you to maximize demurrage.

Data reports through the ST24/7Spot™ tracking platform provides supply chain visibility with the history of where loads go, when they stop, when trailer doors are opened, as well as other useful data to identify opportunities for supply chain leakage and loss.

The ShadowTrack 24/7 team has decades of experience creating custom loss prevention programs, with covert tracking technology that provides real-time visibility and data.



  • Utilize location data to validate the location of assets, as well as the route taken
  • Reduce theft and tampering, and use location data to recover assets
  • Secure your supply chain by gaining visibility to actual activity (stops, opens) at every juncture
  • Reduce insurance costs
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  • View a single shipment, select regions or type of shipments, or your entire supply chain
  • Monitor shipments moving through the supply chain with custom reports
  • Receive alerts and notifications when a shipment moves outside of designated routes, stops/starts unexpectedly

Hardware – variety of GPS (GSM, CDMA, satellite, hardwired, portable) devices based on application and reporting needs are available. Requires montlhy software subscription. Installation services are available.