ST 24/7 Command Center Intelligent Monitoring Protocol

Unlike other logistics security industry command centers, which offer multiple levels of monitoring for high value/high target shipments in transit, ST 24/7 utilizes a best-in-class process called, “Intelligent Monitoring.”

When monitoring high value/high target cargo in transit, the ST 24/7 Command Center will monitor for exceptions to the following recommended protocols and report any deviations to allow the company to mitigate any increased risks.

·         Upon departing from origin, a shipment should transit a minimum of 200 miles before making its first stop.

·         Carrier Dispatch or the Driver(s) must remain available for communication at all times during a shipment.

·         Team Drivers should not stop longer than 2 hours and one Driver should remain with the vehicle at all times.

·         A solo driver should not stop longer than 11 hours and should remain with the vehicle when sleeping.

·         Light Alert will be reported when it occurs outside the scheduled geofence.

·         Directional Routing – While turn-by-turn routing directions are not necessary, a shipment should remain on course from its anticipated origin to destination.

·         Significant temperature changes from acceptable deviation. (If required. *Refer to disclaimer)

It is required that the ST24/7 Command Center have an emergency point of contact, and an email and phone number on file in the event of exceptions to the protocol listed above.


The tracking device used in the ST-Solo process allows for temperature readings; however, the device is not National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) certified. The device reports ambient temperature readings, and significant changes can indicate tampering. Temperature reports can be affected by location of placement inside the trailer, proximity to the cold air source and the amount of product around the device. For these reasons, the device temperature readings should not be used as the sole source of temperature recording if your shipment requires Federal or other regulatory “certified” device readings.