Shipment Tracking & Monitoring Services

ShadowTrack 24/7 Command Center

The wealth of real-time location and sensor data from GPS tracking devices can be overwhelming to manage. ShadowTrack's state-of-the-art Command Center and robust proprietary platforms enable our trained personnel to efficiently monitor hundreds of assets and shipments.

The ShadowTrack 24/7 Command Center, located in Fletcher, North Carolina (near Asheville, NC), is managed by industry veterans with extensive experience dealing with real-world situations that arise when monitoring shipments from their origin to destination. The Command Center is the hub for tracking, monitoring and locating shipments as they move through your supply chain.

ST24/7 Command Center personnel monitor alert notifications and respond to emergency calls, working with shippers, carriers and consignees. Proven protocols for situations that arise are documented and used in continuous training exercises. The ST24/7 Command Center is the central point of contact in the event a shipment goes missing. The ShadowTrack Asset Recovery (STAR) is initiated to facilitate the appropriate response.

The ST24/7Spot™ Tracking and Monitoring Platform provides the real-time location and condition data used by the ST24/7 Command Center. Our monitoring personnel set up geofences to receive alerts and notifications when a shipment moves outside of designated routes or stops/starts unexpectedly.


Request Monitoring

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  • Dedicated shipment monitoring 24/7
  • State-of-the art proprietary platforms
  • Protocols and procedures in an environment managed by industry veterans
  • Communication hub with shippers, drivers and consignees, and the STAR Asset Recovery Program is a shipment goes missing
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  • View a single shipment, select regions or type of shipments, or your entire supply chain
  • Monitor shipments moving through the supply chain with custom reports
  • Receive alerts and notifications when a shipment moves outside of designated routes, stops/starts unexpectedly