ShadowTrack 24/7’s product portfolio is comprised of a wide range of reliable GPS asset and fleet trackers that are best-in-class, lowest cost and available in a variety of configurations for embedding; hard-wiring or attaching to mobile and fixed assets. All our devices are integrated onto the web-based ST247Spot™ Tracking Platform giving our customers a single view of their supply chain.


Solutions are customized to the customer’s application needs, situation and objectives. Important requirements for appropriate device selection include:


ShadowTrack 24/7 offers its customers technology that best work in available coverage including 3G GSM/GPRS, CDMA, GNSS and satellite devices. In addition to coverage where the asset is located or travels, initial cost, operating costs and return on investment are always key considerations by ShadowTrack 24/7's team of engineers and technology experts. No single device may be the optimal solution for enterprise deployments, so a diverse technology offering provides the most cost effective solution for our customers.

The company’s ST247Spot™ Tracking Platform is a state-of-the art, web-based, real-time tracking application with customizable alerts, notifications and reporting. Users can track assets using any of the ShadowTrack 24/7 GPS tracking devices that are fully integrated onto the tracking platform, available online and through mobile apps. A wide range of data collected from fleet tracking devices is also tracked through the platform and delivered through both ad-hoc and scheduled reports. Fleet management data is available with certain tracking devices.


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