• Guarantees procedures are being followed by logistic personnel while instantly providing shipment information to shipping sources
  • Enhances compliance with protocol and intimidates the driver to perform positively during the shipment
  • Integrates optional NFC to record RF tag attached to a seal or tracking device to instantly capture seal/device information and auto load location
  • Ensures Law Enforcement has all information required to make a fast recovery, if necessary

The ShadowTrack 24/7 Shipment Verification Information (ST-SVi) mobile app standardizes procedures for the origin, gate and/or destination of a shipment. Drivers enter pre-determined shipment information, access checklist protocol and even upload images and scans to the app. Field data collection enhances real-time data and efficiency for dispatch and management. ST-SVi data automatically uploads to the ST24/7Spot tracking platform. The ST-SVi app includes pre-defined checklists for drivers to review and acknowledge. At the shipment’s destination, the app prompts the driver to record any discrepancies or incidents.