Cargo Theft Awareness

When you have high value assets or ship high value cargo, you generally have a larger budget to secure these assets from loss.  Often, we think of the pharmaceutical industry or high end electronics industry as having the best supply chain security programs.

However, what if you have high demand assets or cargo in transit that has substantial risk from theft but you just don't have the budget that these larger organizations have?  Do you just accept the losses that you are experiencing and say that you cannot afford the same security programs that help mitigate the risks to their supply chains?

What if I told you that every organization in any industry can could have same security programs as the largest pharmaceutical companies or high end electronics companies.  After all, 80-90% of the best supply chain security programs involve better process, which costs very little to implement and only 10-20% is expensive hardware.  Even the hardware is only 1/10 the cost it was just 10 years ago and in some cases, you don't need to purchase hardware.

For the past year, I have been helping global companies with their crisis response planning. During that year, the number one question I get from people is, "George, how do we create a supply chain security program to protect our remote assets and our cargo in-transit, on a limited budget?"  Over the next couple of weeks I will provide a series of interviews with industry experts to help any organization improve the visibility and security of their assets and cargo in transit.

I look forward to bringing this information to the Global Community to improve the visibility and security of your domestic, regional,  assets and global supply chain.

George Wheeler, Director of Operations, 716.342.9888