10 Step Process for Creating a Robust and Resilient Supply Chain Security Program

The first three videos of this series brought awareness to cargo theft from the sharing of information and understanding your organization's risk, standards, best practices and gaining leadership support for a cargo security program, and understanding cargo theft investigations. For this next video, we take what we have learned from our four industry experts and we have created a 10 step process that your organization can use to create a robust and resilient supply chain security program.

Implementing any one of these steps by themselves can help reduce the risk to your cargo in transit. However, these steps all work together to ensure you not only reduce the risk to your supply chain but you also have a program that can help you respond and recover from a cargo theft incident. The 10 steps include:

  1. Security and Risk Assessment
  2. Driver Focus
  3. Routes
  4. Point of Pick-up Control
  5. Freight Security Guidelines
  6. Technology
  7. Intelligence
  8. Recovery Plan
  9. Measurements
  10. Re-Evaluation

Don't miss this video on how your organization can use each step in this process to create a robust and resilient supply chain security program.

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George Wheeler