Advantages of Continuous Shipment Monitoring

Using GPS tracking technology provides a fundamental layer of security to mitigate cargo theft or loss. However, the advantages of an additional layer of security from continuous monitoring during the journey of a high-value shipment can also provide significant return on investment.

The ShadowTrack 24/7 (ST24/7) Command Center provides continuous monitoring services for shipments throughout the U.S. and abroad. With the launch of the proprietary, patent-pending Visualization Intelligence Platform (VIP), an entire supply chain can be visualized. VIP allows the ST24/7 Command Center to efficiently manage hundreds of devices and facilitate quick response to mitigate risk.

VIP groups individual tiles that contain details of a shipment’s information that need to be captured for monitoring, such as stops, motion, light detection, doors unlocked, geofence, georoute, temperature breach, low battery, out of coverage, etc. Symbols and colors on the easy-to-understand visual tiles signify events, sensors and alerts. This visual presentation enables monitoring of many devices by a single user.

ShadowTrack 24/7’s VIP also facilitates quick response to mitigate risk. We work with shippers, drivers and consignees to monitor deviations and exceptions, and provide alert notifications and respond to emergency calls.  

Recent examples from the ST24/7 Command Center:

ST24/7 Command Center Notifies 3PL of Driver Leaving Staged Area

The ST24/7 Command Center was monitoring a shipment that had arrived just outside its destination at 9 p.m. The destination delivery location was closed until 6 a.m. the next morning. The shipment was staged for the night at a nearby unsecure location.

At 10 p.m. the ST24/7 Command Center reported to the 3PL that the shipment had departed its staged location and was traveling south away from the destination location. The 3PL contacted the Carrier and advised them of the activity. The Carrier contacted the driver and learned they had made the decision to meet a family member at a location 100 miles from the destination. The driver was advised to return to the staging location as they were not authorized to deviate from their route until the shipment had been delivered. The driver complied and the shipment was delivered on time the following morning.

In this case, exceptions to freight security protocol generated alerts to customers because of continuous monitoring. Timely and proactive communication led to risk mitigation.

Driver Picking Up Additional Cargo for Dedicated Load Reported by ST24/7 Command Center

A shipment from New Hampshire to Oregon containing a ShadowTrack 24/7 ST-Solo device embedded in the cargo generated a light alert in Illinois. The ST24/7 Command Center reported the alert to its customer. The Broker contacted the Carrier who claims its driver was on its prescribed route and provided a location different from the location reported by the ST-Solo by 80 miles.

The ST24/7 Command Center provided the exact location of the device to its customer who had brokered a dedicated shipment so that additional cargo was not authorized. The Broker contacted the company where the driver had gone, apprised them of the situation and asked them not to load any additional cargo on that shipment. The driver was advised to return to the approved route and deliver the cargo as contracted.

The shipment delivered on time and inspection of the cargo determined that it has not been compromised. However, pictures were taken of the back of the trailer that indicated the Carrier had rigged the doors so they could be opened without breaking the seal or unlocking the hatch.

Without the intervention by the ST24/7 Command Center to get answers for the exception to protocol the integrity of the load would have been compromised.

Continuous monitoring of shipments in transit can provide a return from increased security and the opportunity to mitigate risk that more than covers the expense of monitoring, especially when visualization tools like the ShadowTrack 24/7 VIP can be used to cost-effectively monitor more shipments than through conventional monitoring centers.

George Wheeler

Director of Operations

ShadowTrack 24/7