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ShadowTrack 24/7 Terms & Conditions         ST-Solo Monitoring Protocol & Disclaimer

ST-Solo Single Shipment Tracker
  • ST-Solo GPS tracking device with temperature and light sensors to aid tamper detection - $35.00
  • Refundable device deposit fee - $75.00, if returned within 27 days
  • Includes pre-paid, pre-addressed label for return
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Shipment Monitoring Service
  • Tracking and monitoring services provided by the ShadowTrack 24/7 Command Center - $14.95
  • Continuous monitoring of shipment while en route
  • Receive notification for deviations from route or security protocol
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End of Trip Report
  • Comprehensive End of Trip report - $4.95
  • Detailed logs of locations, sensor reports and map of route taken during the shipment
  • Receive the report within 24 hours of time shipment reaches its destination
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