ShadowTrack 24/7's Director of Operations, George Wheeler, hosts a series of videos, downloadable on demand, featuring interviews with industry leaders and law enforcement to discuss current trends, best practices to mitigate risk and learn from case studies. Use the four-part video series as a training tool with new employees. Access the series via the links below. 

EPISODE 1:  An Interview with JJ Coughlin, Principal Owner of Corporate Security Solutions - Texas, Chairman of the Southwest Transportation Security Council, and author of "Cargo Crime: Security and Theft Prevention." 

EPISODE 2:  An Interview with David Wilt, who discusses cargo theft prevention. David is the Global Supply Chain Security Manager at Xerox and former Chairman of the Board for TAPA US, and the U.S. Maritime Resource Center Board of Advisors.

EPISODE 3:  An Interview with Robert Hastings, President of Hastings Investigations & Consulting and Chairman of the Southeast Transportation Security Council (SETSC), and John Cannon, Special Agent in Charge of the Georgia Bureau of Investigations (GBI) Major Theft Unit.

EPISODE 4:   A presentation of "10 Steps to Create a Supply Chain Security Program,"  from George Wheeler, Director of Operations at ShadowTrack 24/7.