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GPS Tracking and Shipment Monitoring Adds

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GPS Tracking Solutions


ST-Solo Tracking

Our ST-Solo™ is a simple and affordable cargo tracking solution. Gain visibility to your shipments with our 4G GPS trackers to monitoring your shipments with real-time locations from origin to destination for complete supply chain visibility. Our ST-Solo program provides GPS tracking for as low as $35 per shipment. READ MORE  >

Shipment Monitoring

ShadowTrack 24/7 offers monitoring service for your shipments using real-time location data and exception alerts to secure valuable shipments, reduce thefts, and ensure the safety of your supply chain. The ST247 Command Center experience and focus ensures efficient management of hundreds of devices and facilitates quick response in the event of theft.    READ MORE >

4G GPS Trackers

Our 4G GPS trackers offer the industries best available technology. The 2G and 3G cell service continues to decline in the US with many areas expecting 2G service to completely shut down as early as March 2020. Why is this important? A GPS tracker is only as good as it’s ability to report data. ShadowTrack 24/7 offers an extensive line of 4G GPS products. Read More>

Grey Market Diversion

The ST247 Solution uses GPS tracking to map the third party distribution channels from origin to destination. Using our innovative process and superior technology, manufacturers can easily identify grey market distribution channels.   Reduce the risk to your Brand with our GM Diversion solution. READ MORE >

Trailer Tracking

Know if trailers are being fully utilized while reducing missing and stolen inventory. Asset location from GPS tracking increases trailer capacity while reducing expenses and losses to increase revenue. Automated reports eliminate time, effort, personnel costs spent looking for misplaced trailers as well as unnecessary demurrage charges.     READ MORE >

Customer Service

ShadowTrack 24/7 is dedicated to providing OUTSTANDING customer service starting with our unique ideas to problem solve. As a ST247 customer, you will never be just a number. Your customized tracking solution is built by our experienced team for your project. Any company can sell GPS trackers, ST247’s creative approach sets us above and beyond. Read More>


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