George Wheeler, Director of Operations

George Wheeler, Director of Operations – George has 30 years' experience in the security industry serving the U.S. Military, corporate and private organizations.  With a diverse career working all aspects of security from physical and event security to personal protection and crisis management at all levels of an organization, George has a unique perspective of security that has helped him develop and implement effective security programs for multi-national organizations with high value, high target assets. He has supervised large security teams in the U.S. and Malaysia, performed global security audits for Fortune 50 companies, worked in personal protection details and provided personal protection for world leaders and entertainers, and developed security command and intelligence centers that service global organizations.  George is on the Board of Advisors for International Crisis Room 360 (ICR360). He is a frequent speaker at international industry events, and has presented at educational institutions including the Merchant Marine Academy in New York City and the University of Texas in Austin. 

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