Tracking & Monitoring Platform

ST24/7Spot is a secure, state-of-the-art, web-based, real-time tracking platfom with customizable alerts, notifications and reports. Users can track assets and vehicles using any of the ShadowTrack 24/7 GPS tracking devices that are fully integrated onto the tracking platform, available online and through mobile apps.

The ST24/7Spot Tracking Platform provides tools for alert triggers, maintenance reminders, security interfaces, geofence and route definition, and more. ShadowTrack 24/7 provides comprehensive training so your management and dispatch teams are quickly up-to-speed and harnessing the data reported on the easy to use platform. 

Administrators have complete control with a variety of useful tools to manage users and devices. Dashboards can be customized and standardized. ST24/7Spot provides more than 20 stock detailed reports that use historical data gathered from a ShadowTrack 24/7 GPS tracking devices, which can be exported for use in other systems. The platform allows you to schedule reports for routine delivery as well as create custom ad hoc reports.

Management of vehicles can be challenging for a large company. With the ST24/7Spot platform and ShadowTrack 24/7 fleet tracking devices, administrators can separate vehicles, assets and individuals based on department, location and purpose. The platform records data by vehicle and driver, so managers can set up specific times an employee should be using a specific vehicle and link the vehicle to a driver’s profile automatically. 

Data collected from fleet tracking devices is extensive and can be used for driver logs, hours of service and other reports.

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Features & Benefits

  • Real-time tracking of single, group or multiple assets or vehicles
  • Choice of map layout and items displayed
  • Define circle, polygon or route geofences
  • Set alerts and notifications delivered by Email and SMS

Fleet Management Tools

  • Find an address, closest route and share directions to a phone, tablet or computer
  • Vehicle and driver data profiles for asset management and trip assignment records and history
  • Driver behavior (speed, harsh braking, unauthorized use, etc.)
  • notifications
  • Fuel and maintenance alerts
  • Integrate Garmin, RFID and other devices and sensors to the platform
  • Historical data for IFTA and DoD reporting