Fleet / Vehicle Tracking

GPS tracking, monitoring & reporting

Companies implementing fleet tracking solutions have found that the data provided by monitoring their drivers increases safety, efficiencies and profit as real-time tracking provides insight into behaviors, routes and workload.

Delays in logistics caused by lack of control over a fleet operation can cost millions as equipment and employees wait unproductive at receiving warehouses. Productivity gains from implementing a fleet tracking solution offers real cost savings to operating expenses from mileage reductions that extend the life of fleet vehicles and reduce repair costs. The benefits from improved customer service and responsiveness can be invaluable. Many companies report their fleet tracking programs result in reduced insurance costs.

ShadowTrack 24/7 offers a range of state-of-the-art vehicle tracking solutions with real-time monitoring and reporting GPS tracking devices with features to monitor driving behavior, unauthorized use and routes and report incidents, as well as inputs to detect ignition, hard braking and sensors to monitor fuel levels and temperate ranges onboard. Specialized reporting, such as engine hours, aids in scheduling the most efficient maintenance scheduling. Select the data you need and ShadowTrack 24/7 will outfit your fleet with the right GPS tracking devices.


  • Improve driver safety from reduced vehicle speeds and behavior changes Eliminate unauthorized vehicle use with authorized hours reporting and geofence breach alerts
  • Correct inefficient routes by reviewing tracking history
  • Optimize productivity from idle time reports indicating downtime
  • Cut idle time and reduce gas consumption and raise productivity by avoiding unnecessary trips
  • IFTA and DoD reporting compliant
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  • View entire fleet, work groups or a specific vehicle location
  • View vehicle location relative to operations, customer or other sites
  • Know when an vehicle was last moved or used and monitor use over time

Hardware – variety of GPS (GSM, CDMA, hardwired, portable) devices based on vehicle type, applications and reporting needs. are available. Requires montlhy software subscription. Installation services are available.